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Welcome to, your web warehouse for all things pertaining to standup comedian, comedy writer, producer, author, and Emmy award winner Ed Driscoll ....yes, this site is truly "chockfull of Ed Driscoll goodness"'s divided into various sections for your web-browsing pleasure...on the "Ed's Bio" page, you can read the details of Ed Driscoll's writing for television shows like the Academy Awards, Dennis Miller Live, The Drew Carey Show, or any of the other numerous TV shows and movies he's worked on as a comedy punch-up writer... visit "News & Views," and you can check Ed Driscoll's schedule of upcoming personal appearances, whether it's radio, television, his live standup show, or a book signing event for Ed's recently published, extremely funny self-help memoir
"Spilled Gravy"...Ed's book is highly recommended by comedians like Billy Crystal and Louie Anderson, and if you'd like to read some excerpts, just click on "Spilled Gravy" and download some hilarious angst...then visit or your local bookstore and buy the book immediately!...if you don't really like reading, well, then you probably haven't made it this far, but just in case you have and
you'd like to treat your eyes to something more visual, go to the
"Video Clips" page and watch some of Ed Driscoll's short films, standup comic performance clips, and television appearances...
so what are you waiting for?...walk to the ledge and jump into
Ed's world...God speed!

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